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The Grapevine

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In 1974, Patsy Perry, established a restaurant called “The Grapevine” in College Station, Texas. Patsy was an extremely hard worker waking up at 4:30 in the morning to begin preparing everything for the day. Despite many personal and business setbacks, Patsy buckled down and focused on her business as it grew into a popular local spot. She drew strength from the people around her and loved working with college kids. They gave her the energy to keep going and were very fun to work with.  Patsy pledged that she would create a cookbook, but to date has not. Let’s all encourage her by sending an email to

Patsy Zabel

Here’s just one of the many great recipes prepared at the legendary restaurant.

Twice Baked Potato

4 potatoes (2 pounds), ½ c. sour cream, ½ cc butter, 1/3 c. bacon bits,
2 T bacon bits for topping, 2 ounces Swiss, 4 ounces Munster
If you leave out the bacon bits, you will need to add salt.
Always prepare the potatoes at least 12 hours ahead of time.
Wash potatoes and place in 500 degree oven. Do not wrap them in foil.
This allows the skin to harden so they can be scooped out. Bake for 1 hour.
Fry 8 slices of bacon – 6 for the potatoes and 2 for the toppings.
Chop this into very small pieces.
Put the Swiss in a food processor and chop for 6-8 seconds.
Add the Munster and chop till it is a little smaller than peas.
Take a toothpick and check the potatoes for doneness.
Steam should come out of the hole.
Cut off the tops, making a hole big enough so you can scoop them out with a spoon.
Put the insides in a mixing bowl with butter, sour cream, and bacon bits.
After mixing put this back in the skins.
Top with cheese and bacon and refrigerate for 12 hours to 5 days.
Reheat at 350 degrees for 35-50 minutes



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